Check Up on the Health of Your Horse

Visit our local horse veterinarian in Abilene, TX

Just like people, horse's need routine health checkups. Make sure you have a highly qualified equine veterinarian on speed dial by working with Patton Equine Services. Based in Abilene, TX, our clinic offers everything from wellness visits to reproductive services.

When should you come to Patton Equine Services?

If you own a horse in the Abilene, TX area, it's crucial you find an experienced equine veterinarian for their care. Our veterinarian, Paul Patton, DVM, graduated from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences in 1989.

Reach out to Patton Equine Services if...

  • You want to schedule an appointment with our equine dentist.
  • You need to bring your horse in for routine vaccinations.
  • Your horse is due for a checkup or veterinary testing at our laboratories.
  • You'd like to learn more about equine reproductive services.
  • You're worried about your horse's health and need a lameness exam.

When you bring your horse into our animal diagnostic clinic, we'll perform a full exam to check for any concerns and help you find solutions for your horse's well-being.

Make an appointment with our horse veterinarian by calling 325-529-3072 now.

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